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I like to create and I have a lot of interests.  When I get an interest I tend to make products to help that interest. I do this all the time and then I move on to the next idea. When I show these products to the people who needed them, they love them.

I offer web design services that are very affordable.  In the past, a small organization could not afford the cost of having a web site developed for them.  On average to have a professionally designed web site created for your business has been in the $5000 price range. This cost is out of the reach of many small businesses. Through the use of the new tools that are available I can put together a professional looking website that costs a fraction of this. Check out my CV for more details.

I have been a computer technician and trainer for over 20 years so a lot of my offerings are computer related. I have training manuals for all kinds of products.  My main goal when writing a manual is not to make the reader an expert on the product, just a better than average user.  I also have put up some helpful calculators and a board game that you can print off at home.  There is more on the way.

Thank you for visiting.

~Kevin Kowal


Based in Winnipeg Canada
But serving the world

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