About My Web Design

I have met with business owners who said that they simply cannot afford to have a website done for them. I have met others that have said it was important to have a website so they paid for a very cheap looking site because it was all they could afford. 

Some businesses need a website just to give their business credibility. The site itself is not realistically going to gain more customers. This is true for many small outfits. For example, a hair salon I was speaking to said that they wanted a web site but the people who come to their small salon only do so due to the location or because they already knew them.  They know that a web presence will improve the stature of the business but it will not necessarily turn into new customers. Spending a lot of money on a web site does not make sense for these kinds of business. 

So in the past, the choices were to go with no website or a poorly designed site. The poorly designed website ends up doing more harm than good. You cannot convince a potential customer that you do quality work when your web site does not reflect that same dedication to your craft. That is where I come in.

I have set up web sites and done graphics for many years now. I have the experience to know some constants that work and ones that don’t. Poorly designed websites make your company look bad. My sites look good and are thoroughly tested to ensure that all links, pictures and functions work properly and look their best.  It is my attention to the small details that make the difference.