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Trainer - Content Creator - Technology Specialist - ITIL V3 Professional

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172 Greenwood Ave, Winnipeg MB, R2M 2T5
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Rental Property Calculator

I have created a spreadsheet that helps rental property owners decide on a purchase price for new properties. I have had it for sale for about 6 years and make about 2 sales a month. Click Here for more info


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Web Design

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Radio Station Projects - My Project Philosophy

Most radio station projects began with a station changing the way they run their operations. The stations played all their audio from CDs, carts (tape), or live. The systems we put in place replaced by playing back their audio.

The system was controlled by different departments of the organization depending on their job task. Producers would produce audio, music, commercials, station promos, etc. The music programming department would schedule the music to be played, when the commercials could be played, as well as the station promos. The traffic department would schedule the commercials that are to be played and have the clients subsequently be properly billed. The on-air talent would playback the audio as dictated by the scheduling. The on-air talent now had more time to prepare better live content. Ultimately, the engineering department was responsible for installing all equipment and maintaining it on a day to day basis.

As you can appreciate, the project covered every department of the organization. Radio is a special industry and one must work with, and motivate people with diverse motivations.
Engineers are technology-driven people
Traffic people are accounting and numbers people
Producers are perfectionists
Program Directors carry the weight of the station on their shoulders
On-Air talent gets a wide range of people
Owners are… well owners and worried about their bottom line

In the end, these people involved in radio love the life. They do it for their passion for broadcasting. The pay is lousy, the hours are long, and getting fired is a rite of passage.
Convincing people that are this passionate that change is necessary takes a great deal of patience and understanding. Getting people to buy into a plan that has been developed, usually without their input, takes a special amount of skill. This is where I shine.
My expertise is working on a plan and bringing it to completion. This involves working with people and getting them motivated to do what they need to do. My attention to the details as the plan is being designed is one of the keys to my success. When all aspects of a project are accounted for beforehand, it makes the project flow better. My strength is in planning, executing, and working with people to get the project done.

Kevin's Work Personality 

I have taken the DiSC profile of my work personality. Here are the results:


The Priorities that Shape My Workplace Experience:

  • Taking Action
  • Generating Enthusiasm
  • Getting Results
  • Ensuring Accuracy


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 Letter of Reference from Fernanda Hodgson, Executive Director Day Nursery Centre.
January 5, 2018, Fernanda managed Kevin directly 

"Kevin is patient and explains IT issues and terminology in a calm, professional and respectful manner to those who may not be familiar with technology, as many of us are."


 Letter of Reference from Brian Suderman, President of Suderman's Concrete Ltd.
December 19, 2017, Brian managed Kevin directly 

"Throughout Kevin's time with Suderman's Concrete, he has proven to be extremely dependable. His exceptional skill to document deficiencies on our construction job sites has proven to be a huge asset to our team. Kevin is proficient with managing our IT system and has been able to ensure that we have had zero downtime."



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Kevin Kowal
172 Greenwood Ave, Winnipeg MB, R2M 2T5


I am a creative person at heart.  Recently I have been working with a group attempting to get a TV show produced.  I write, act, and meet with producers for the show.  Click here to learn more.