Day Nursery Centre

Day Nursery Centre was looking to update their website with something newer.  They also wanted a site that they could update on their own.  As they are a non-profit organization, they need to keep costs low.  I built them a site using Joomla and put together training videos and manuals to show them how to update their site on their own.  I also put them on a new hosting site which further reduced their costs.  They have been very happy with the results.

Dummkopf Radio

107 Static Air is a fictional radio station that takes place in the series “Dummkopf Radio”. A group of misfits running an indie radio station with unpredictable results. Each character has their own particular quirk that when mixed with the others it ensures tragedy, comedy, but mostly hilarity.  

Being at the bottom of the ratings means there is no other place to go but up. Dyck Mitchell the Station manager will make those numbers rise, one highball at a time.

Winnipeg Business Club

The Winnipeg Business club has been looking to build their online presence.  They were not very familiar with social media so they were unsure of what they wanted.  Together we started to build their online voice. 



EFT Power

EFT Power

Although the client ended up not going ahead with launching his business, I am quite proud of this site.  This site has all of the information areas that he needed for the site.  It also has fancy lightboxes to display images and videos.  The link at the top will take you to the demo site.  

Hayley Common

Hayley Common is the site built by the condo board for the Hayley Common condominiums in Ile-des-Chênes Manitoba.  

Hayley Common needed a website that was easy to update for non-technical people.  They also needed a site that had public and private information.  The site has a login process implemented that will allow for this.  The site incorporates a social media type plug-in that allows them to interact with the other members who use the site as well as a forum.  

Syl & Dave's Trading Adventure

I was the technical director for over 4 years.  This site was started from scratch and the business is the site.  This site incorporates not only the design but billing, user access and recurring payments.  

This has been a large project taking many hours of work.  It has really built up my skill level that will directly benefit my other clients.

École Crane

This site had already been created and a loose design template was in place.  The site had many design errors and broken links.  I went in and cleaned up the problem areas and made each page consistent to the design templates that they needed.  


I started my own website back in 2012 to sell some products that I had developed.  It is a fairly profitable venture.  It mostly just pays for itself and the tools that I need to keep it running, with a few dollars left at the end to make it worthwhile.  This website has been created in the same way as my sample sites have been.