What is Included

  • Site setup using template of your choice
  • Up to 5 Hours of consultation, custom work and training
    • Examples:
    • Colour and font changes
    • Photo placement
    • Photo searching
    • Rolling headers created
    • Consultation about text, photos and presentation
    • Training of site features, tools and how to do updates
  • Up to $50 of licensed photos
  • Email Inquiry Form
  • Built in Newsletter marketing tool
  • Automatic Backups
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
  • Setup Google Analytics on site (Gmail account required)
  • 1 page using Shadowbox (enhanced display: pictures, videos, etc.)
  • 1 Year of hosting and domain name registration ($100 value)
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts using your domain 
  • $100 Google advertising offer
  • 24/7 phone, chat & e-mail support for site hosting issues

Cost $1,500 Canadian

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  • KevinOne retains the right to showcase your completed site in its portfolio.
  • Pictures used for site will be obtained from customer’s photos of staff, projects, products and legally obtained files. 
  • Web hosting provided by Bluehost.com


Q: What can I expect?

  • We will discuss design ideas and we will give you homework preparing the text, photos and videos you want to use.
  • Once the photos, text and other elements of the site have been forwarded to we will get started on your site (50% payment due)
  • We give you your link to the site where you can see it being built and provide feedback.
  • It should be completed online in about 1 week and we will provide instructions on how to access your site. (Remaining payment due)

After your site is complete, we are available to offer help and advice. This is a full service plan.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No. The price you pay will get you a site developed using photos, videos and text that you provide. Your site will be put online with the available domain name of your choice. Your site will be up and running with no other outside assistance.

Q: Do you offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A: Yes.  The designs themselves include several aspects of SEO.  From metatags and setup of Google Analytics you are well on your way to building your online presence.  However, there may be other SEO functions you want to do.  To build a high traffic website it takes more than a well formatted website.  We can provide these services or teach you how to do them yourself.  Let us know and we can tailor an SEO system for your needs.  

Q: What kinds of add-ons are available?
A: Tons. There are a number of programs built for this system that need to just be added on. Everything from:




Financial Displays 

News Display  



Maps Social Media

Community Building


And much more   

Q: I know a company who will build my web site for $200-$500. How come you are so much more?

A: This is not a simple page creation service. This type of website grows with you. When you have a web site you will want to make changes. You will want to add new pictures of the work you have done or items that you are offering. When a website is built in that old manner it has to be redone or edited to show the new information. This requires special programs and special knowledge. Our sites do not.

Our sites are modules that you add on and you allow the system to build the site through the original templates and parameters set up. If you need to change an old style site you will have to hire a designer and pay them a good deal of money more than just simply inserting a module. During the setup of your site, we will even teach you how to update it yourself.

So today, yes a $500 web site is going to do what you want, but down the road will it be what you want? Will you offer new products or want to showcase your newest projects etc.? Does your $500 web site include hosting for a year? Do you have automatic backups to prevent viruses and other attacks from destroying your site?

At KevinOne we are not just artists who design web sites; we are technicians who develop solid technical foundations as well.