Improv in the Basement

Are you a fan of improv comedy?

Are you an actor or comedian looking for ways to improve your skills?

Are you a fan of the televison show Whose Line is it Anyways?

Are you looking for a way to turn those interests into a fun event?

Introducing Improv in the Basement

With over 1500 idea cards and methods of play that allow for different styles, the game is truly as fun as your friends are.

The game is called Improv in the Basement© and it is based on improvisational comedy. Players create skits utilizing over 1500 idea cards. There are different guidelines for the improv scenes you create as you play the game. There is also the option for players to create their own games. Points are awarded along the way and in the end, the team with the most points wins. The game involves quick thinking and is great fun for a group of people. It can be played competitively or “Just for Fun”. It is a game that will uncover your creativity. It is as much fun as your friends are.

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The object of Improv in the Basement is to perform in several different improv scenes, scoring points along the way. At the beginning of the game the players will decide how many rounds they want to play. The amount of time you have to play will determine the amount of rounds you want to play. When all of the rounds are finished the points are tallied and the team with the most points goes on to “TV Sit-Com Fame”.

There are two ways to play the game; “just for fun” or “competitive”. In a just for fun game the points are awarded for any completion of the given scenarios. In a competitive game a judge or group of judges are chosen to officiate the game. The judge(s) will assign points on a sliding scale based on the merit of the performance. The point values are assigned to the game in the instructions on how to play each individual skit.

The optimal way to play the game is to separate into teams. The games work best if you have 3-5 players per team.

How to Play

On their turn each team will roll the die and play the game associated with that number. There are 5 individual games so each game is assigned 1 through 5. If a 6 is rolled then it is the Open Option and the team can play any one of the 5 games or create their own. Each subsequent team will then do the same. This will repeat until the numbers of rounds decided on have been played. The points are then tallied and the winner will now enjoy “TV Sit-Com Fame”.

Most of the games allow the opposing teams to add onto the originating team’s game for extra points. If there are more than two teams playing, the order that they will be able to follow up in is to start with the team that is to play next and move around in that order.

All of the games incorporate the use of the idea cards. These cards are used as the basis for the scenes to be acted out. It is suggested that in a “Just for Fun” game, the team may reselect up to three of the cards that they have picked if they feel they are unable to use any of the first three cards.

What You Get

You will download the files needed for the game in PDF format. You will then print them out, cut the out and you are ready to play.

All products as delivered as a download upon purchase.

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